Cross Country Medical Transportation

Non-Emergency Long Distance Medical Transportation Specialists

Providing the Nation’s Elderly and Disabled with Quality Long Distance Medical Transportation Services.

Long Distance Patient Transportation TX FLLong Distance Medical Transport is a unique medical transportation company in that we specialize in the long distance transportation of elderly and disabled persons. Our transportation services are fully committed to providing long distance medical transportation to the nation’s elderly and disabled population. As a specialist in non-emergency long distance medical transportation services, Long Distance Medical Transport has the necessary knowledge and skill to provide the highest quality of non-emergency long distance medical transportation available within the medical transportation community.

Long Distance Medical Transport Provides a Cost Effective Alternative to Ambulance and Air Medical Transportation.

Long Distance Medical Transport recognizes the growing need for cost effective long distance medical transportation services.That is why we focus our services on non-emergency long distance medical ground transportation. Our goal is to provide persons seeking non-emergency medical transportation an alternative to the unnecessarily high costs of long distance ambulance or air medical transportation. We are the happy medium between emergency medical transportation and non medical transportation services. By removing the unnecessary emergency medical services we can lower our costs to a fraction of what an ambulance company charges for similar non-emergency medical transportation services.To achieve this cost effective means of transportation we place highly qualified medical personnel on our vehicles to ensure the quality and safety of every medical transport.

Your Loved One’s Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Needs are Important to Us at Long Distance Medical Transport.

Our core value is to bring the highest level of long distance medical transportation services to all patients and their loved ones that we transport. Long Distance Medical Transport specializes through creating and implementing long distance medical transportation service solutions. We accomplish this by communicating with our clients and understanding all of the patient’s medical transportation needs. We only take satisfaction when we meet all of your long distance medical transportation needs.

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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services

Choose Long Distance Medical Transport for your non-emergency interstate medical transportation needs. We are a leader in the long distance medical transportation service industry through our specialization in non-emergency medical transportation services over long distances. Long Distance Medical Transport focuses on the unique needs of the elderly and disabled persons that we serve. Our company is a responsive and reliable partner to any patients, medical partners, and communities we serve.