Long Distance Disabled Transportation

Specialized Non-Emergency Long Distance Medical
Transportation for the Disabled

We believe it is important to focus on our goal to be the best long distance disabled transport service around. To achieve this goal we made a strong commitment to long distance disabled transportation by servicing only long distance transports of around 200 miles or more.

Our professionally trained staff understands the importance of each disabled individual we transport. Our long distance disabled transportation service is comprehensive in that we do more than just the transportation. We work with you to make the planning process efficient and accommodating for everyone involved.

We strive to make sure your experience in booking a transport with us is easy and comforting. Traveling details such as scheduling, specific medical needs, and meal preferences are planned out thoroughly prior to our arrival.

Safety and Comfort are Our Top Priorities

We understand that there are many challenges a physical or mental disability can have on a person and their loved ones. That is why we have tailored our transportation services for the disabled in a manner that centers around safety and comfort.

We employ a staff with experienced medical backgrounds and a passion for helping others. They are a well-rounded group of medical personnel consisting of EMTs, paramedics, and nurses. Medical staff are there to insure the disabled individual’s comfort and safety needs are attended to at all times throughout the long distance transport.

Often family members and loved ones desire to ride along with the transport to provide emotional support and assistance. We understand the positive impact a loved one’s presence has on a disabled individual during a long distance disabled transport. In recognizing the importance of family support during the transport, we provided additional seating on all disabled transport vehicles.

The additional rider option is free of charge and seating is even available at the immediate side of the disabled transport stretcher. Complimentary meals are provided for the additional rider as well the disabled individual.

Our Motto is “We Can Take You There”

We are a nationwide non-emergency long distance disabled transport service. We transport individuals with disabilities over great distances to their desired destinations. We have extensive experience servicing many different types of medical facilities.

We Transport To and From:

  • Private Residences
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Cancer Treatment Centers
  • Many More…

Comprehensive Customer Service for the Disabled

We bring you a comprehensive service by providing thorough assistance from the time you call to schedule a transport to the moment we complete the transport. We know that every disabled individual we transport is relying on us to safely and comfortably transport them to their desired destination.

We communicate with you and any medical facility involved in a coordinated effort to ensure all travel details are considered ahead of time. We have two medically trained personnel on each disabled transport vehicle. Personnel are equipped with cell phones so that we may stay in communication with the transport vehicles.

Transportation for a Variety of Disabilities

Over the years we have transported persons with a wide ranging variety of disabled conditions.

We are highly experienced in transporting persons with both mental and physical disabilities.

Common Disabilities We Transport:

  • Paralyses or Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Stabilized Bone Fractures
  • Post-Surgery
  • Dementia
  • Alzheimer’s

We can accommodate your needs whether you have a permanent disability or you have recently suffered a injury that has rendered you temporarily disabled. You can rely on Long Distance Medical Transport for all your long distance disabled transportation needs.

Customized Transportation Vehicles for the Disabled

Our disabled transport vehicles are specially customized to handle the comfort and safety needs of disabled individuals. All disabled transport vehicles are set up for convenient use of electronic equipment and internet access via wifi. We have installed on board GPS systems to give our medical personnel the latest weather and traffic updates. Locating emergency facilities along the transport route is made simple with our advanced technological capabilities.

When traveling long distances you will likely need to bring a few personal items and any medical equipment that belongs to you. We ensure there is enough space inside the vehicle to store a wheelchair or a walker. In addition, you may bring a few personal bags on the transport.

We utilize a “bed to bed” service. This means our medical team arrives at the planned pick-up location and then safely transfers the disabled individual onto our specially padded transport stretcher. The transport stretcher is then securely locked inside the transport vehicle and is capable of easy adjustments at both the head and legs of the disabled individual. We understand that your comfort needs will depend heavily on the type of disability you may have. Our medical staff understands from their extensive experience in repositioning disabled persons on transport stretchers that different individuals and their varying disabilities require unique attention.

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