Long Distance Elderly Transportation

Long Distance Medical Transport is Your Best Option for Long Distance Elderly Transportation

If you are seeking long distance transport services for an elderly person or you yourself are in need of an elderly transport that is over 200 miles, then Long Distance Medical Transport is the right long distance elderly transportation provider for you.

We are your best choice because we specialize in long distance transportation of elderly persons with a wide range of medical conditions.

We Transport Elderly Individuals With a Broad Range of Medical Conditions Such as:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Cancer
  • COPD
  • Dementia
  • Hip Fractures
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Non-ambulatory
  • Parkinson’s
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Stroke/CVA
  • Many Other Conditions

We are highly specialized and committed to providing safe and affordable long distance medical transportation. That is why each transport we perform must be around 200 miles or more.

We have an exceptional track record for transporting elderly patients safely to their chosen destination inside the continental US.

Our Goal is to Provide our Elderly Clients and Their Families “Peace of Mind”

Long Distance Medical Transport wants you to not have to worry about a thing from the moment you call us to the moment we complete the transport. Our focused commitment to providing a customized long distance transportation service for the elderly is how we provide you “peace of mind”.

We recognize the challenges loved ones and their family members may face when planning to relocate an elderly individual. That is why we have established a long distance elderly transportation service that you can rely on.

To meet this goal Long Distance Medical Transport provides a specialized bed to bed service that is customized to fit the needs of each elderly client we serve. We also offer additional seating for any family member or loved one who desires to accompany their elderly loved one on the transport.

Our bed to bed service ensures that the comfort and well being of the elderly person and their loved ones are our top priorities. We take pride in going the “extra mile” to make sure all traveling details such as scheduling, specific medical needs, and meal preferences are prepared for before the elderly transport services even begin.

No Matter the Place or Where, We Can Take You There

We have extensive experience providing long distance elderly transportation services to and from a wide variety of locations.

Common Departure and Destination Sites:

  • Private Residences
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Nursing Homes
  • Cancer Treatment Centers
  • Hospitals

Our Highly Specialized Experience With Transporting the Elderly Makes Long Distance Medical Transport a Unique Service.

Our service representatives provide you with assistance and advice starting from the moment you first call us to the moment your transport is completed.

Our experience and highly trained medical staff understand the quality of care necessary to make every step of planning a transport is as comforting and easy as possible

We seek to provide you with a quality customized long distance medical transportation service for the elderly. We strongly believe that it all starts with an excellent medical staff so we hired some of the most well rounded medically trained professionals available. They are best described as a friendly, talented, and professional group of medical personnel consisting of EMT’s paramedics, and nurses.

While Our Service is Unique Your Relocation Needs are Common to Most Families

Many families have or will face the seemingly difficult challenge of having to move a beloved elderly person to another residence. The change of residence can be either temporary or permanent.

The transition can often be emotionally tough on family, friends, and especially the elderly person in need of our transportation services. With that in mind, we take considerable time and energy to treat every person we transport and family involved with understanding and patience.

Inside the Elderly Transport Vehicle:

Comfort and Medical Needs

We recognize that almost every transport of an elder will involve and affect their loved ones. That is why we approach every transport as if we were transporting their family too. Family support for the elderly relative is very important. In great consideration of family support we customized the vehicles so at least one additional relative or loved one can accompany the transportation of the elderly person.

Our transport stretchers are specially padded and sterilized before every transport. Transport stretchers are capable of adjustment at the head and feet. This flexibility helps medical personnel find the position most comfortable for our elderly client.

Our staff is highly trained in transferring elderly individuals directly from their bedside on to our transport stretchers. Once they are safely on the transport stretcher the medical team transfers the elderly individual into our customized transport vehicles and then securely locks the stretcher into a fixed position.

During the long distance transportation, all of the elderly individual’s comfort and medical needs are attended to. On the vehicle our medical staff will assist the elderly person with their daily doctor prescribed medication needs including oxygen. The transportation services we provide shall continue until the elderly person is safely inside the place of their planned destination.

Complimentary Meals and Internet Access

We will purchase meals and drinks for all persons on the transport vehicle. We will make periodic stops at locations along the transport route for reasons such as gas, food requests, and restroom needs.

Elderly transport vehicles are equipped with unlimited wifi access and GPS navigation systems. We use this technology to ensure your medical transport staff is connected to up to date information on weather, traffic, and locations of emergency facilities.

We know that when traveling long distances you will also want some entertainment to pass the time. That is why Long Distance Medical Transport provides internet access and DVD viewing capabilities. We not only take pride in your comfort but also in knowing that you enjoyed your experience on the vehicle.

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