Why Long Distance Medical Transport

Why Choose Long Distance Medical Transport for Your Non-Emergency Long Distance Medical Transportation Needs?

You should choose Long Distance Medical Transport because we are specialists in non-emergency long distance medical transportation. As specialists our philosophy is that it is better to offer a service that is developed to respond best to the needs of those seeking non-emergency long distance medical transports of 200 or more miles.
Our three core values are your safety, comfort, and peace of mind. We established our core values well before your long distance medical transport even begins by viewing our medical transportation service as a comprehensive care package. This packaged service is a result of the hard work and passion of the people who work for Long Distance Medical Transport. We bring forth a focused and coordinated effort before the start of your long distance transport and only rest easy when you are safely at your destination.

We aim to express these values the moment you call to inquire about our services. We realize that many of our customers are not familiar with non-emergency long distance medical transportation. It is very important to us that all of our customers feel they have made an informed decision to choose Long Distance Medical Transport as their non-emergency long distance medical transportation provider.

A customer service representative will do their best to help you understand our long distance medical transportation services and how it relates specifically to your unique transportation needs. If we believe your better off choosing an alternative method such as air ambulance or ground ambulance then we will be the first to let you know.

Our medical staff comes from a wide range of medical backgrounds. We specifically hire personnel such as EMTs and Paramedics due to their extensive experience in the medical transportation service industry. We utilize two member team on each transport vehicle. The medical team on your long distance transport vehicle is responsible for driving, diaper changing, assisting with prescribed medications, maintaining feeding tubes, and supplying oxygen as prescribed.

Finally, you should choose Long Distance Medical Transport for your long distance medical transportation needs because we have customized our non-emergency medical transport vehicles to suit your safety and comfort needs. All of our vehicles have a comprehensive maintenance plan, rear air conditioning, electrical outlets, free internet Wi-Fi access, GPS navigation systems, and additional reclining seating. Our philosophy is that our services are not only for the patient but also their loved ones or family members as well.

If you are going to go the 200 plus mile distance, go the 200 plus mile distance with Long Distance Medical Transport.

Just a few of the many reasons to use Long Distance Medical Transport for your non-emergency long distance medical transportation service needs.

  • Lowest long distance medical transport prices in the nation.
  • We offer mobile broadband and the ability to watch movies during long distance medical transport services via DVD players.
  • We provide an overlaying mattress to increase comfort, and to prevent bedsore and circulation issues on our prop-able transport stretchers.
  • We are commercially insured and bonded.
  • Friendly and professional personnel in uniforms who specialize exclusively in long distance medical transport services. All of our EMTs and Paramedics are currently licensed.
  • New comfortable medical transport vehicles that are designed for long distance patient transportation.
  • We care!